4. Running the programs

This section provides describes how to run all executables pertaining to the E3D version 2 tiled package.


All executable files, input files, output filenames and files specified within input files can be specified in the following manner:

  • as just the filename if contained within the current working directory (Example: filename.txt)

  • as a file path relative to the current working directory (Example: sub_dir\filename.txt)

  • as the full path (Example: C:\Users\Name\Tests\filename.txt)

Executable files should not be renamed. However, input file names can be specified by the user if desired.

The main executable programs within the AEM program library are:

  • e3d_v2_tiled: Single executable file for carrying out forward modeling and inversion of FEM data

  • create_octree_mesh_e3d_v2_tiled: creates a global OcTree mesh for the inversion based on the survey geometry and a set of local OcTree meshes about each transmitter and its receivers

The following Octree utility programs are also used:

  • blk3cellOct: creates a conductivity model on the OcTree mesh

  • extract_mesh: extracts a specified local OcTree mesh from a hexidecimal file containing all local meshes

  • create_weight_file: creates cell weighting for the recovered model

  • interface_weights: creates weights on the faces of cells for the recovered model

4.1. Contents

To learn the specifics of running each executable, see the following sections: