3. Elements of the Program

This section provides a brief description of each program in the E3D version 2 tiled package. In addition, we describe the file formats for all input and supporting files used by the coding library.

3.1. Program Library

The main executable programs within the AEM program library are:

  • e3d_v2_tiled: Single executable file for carrying out forward modeling and inversion of FEM data

  • create_octree_mesh_e3d_v2_tiled: creates a global OcTree mesh for the inversion based on the survey geometry and a set of local OcTree meshes about each transmitter and its receivers

The following Octree utility programs are also used:

  • blk3cellOct: creates a conductivity model on the OcTree mesh

  • extract_mesh: extracts a specified local OcTree mesh from a hexidecimal file containing all local meshes

  • create_weight_file: creates cell weighting for the recovered model

  • interface_weights: creates weights on the faces of cells for the recovered model

3.2. Main Input Files

Here, we describe the main input files for executables contained with the E3D version 2 tiled package.

3.3. Supporting Files

Here, we describe the formats of supporting files used to run e3d_v2_tiled.exe. The input files for each executable program are described in the running the programs section.