3.3.4. Frequencies File

The format of the frequencies file is as follows:

\(k_1 \;\;\;\;\; f_1\)
\(k_2 \;\;\;\;\; f_2\)
\(k_3 \;\;\;\;\; f_3\)
\(k_4 \;\;\;\;\; f_4\)
\(k_4 \;\;\;\;\; f_5\)
\(k_5 \;\;\;\;\; f_6\)
\(k_{N-1} \; f_{N-1}\)
\(k_N \;\;\;\; f_N\)


  • \(N\) is the number of unique frequencies within the file

  • \(k_i\) defines the index value (1,2,….,N) for a particular frequency. Should be ordered 1 to N.

  • \(f_i\) is the frequency in Hz.

Below we see an example of a frequencies file which defines 7 unique frequencies.